is a love community focused on dating and social media networking, bent on breaking boundaries to bring potential lovers together, connecting people around the globe, assisting lovers in maintaining a healthy love relationship, and assisting in solving problems between lovers in order to strengthen love affairs.

Gone are the days where a couple is asked; “How did you two meet?” and the answer goes like: we went on holidays and I met him/her doing this / that. These days, people are having less and very little time for themselves, if any at all, due to the pressure at their work places. Many companies now work on holidays and weekends, making it difficult for people to make friends or even cross path with their potential life partners. Zambiba love community makes it possible for even the busiest in our society to create their profile online and get to meet very wonderful people who believe in love, for ordinary friendship, build business and social relationships, and even meet their life partners online from the comfort of their home / workplace.


The vision behind Zambiba is to build a worldwide Love Community, focused on Love and social connections.


Our mission is to:

1. Bring potential people together on a free and trusted platform.
2. Connect people around the world and enhance social relationships
3. Initiate and/or promote love related issues and events.
4. Assist and educate lovers in maintaining a healthy love relationship.
5. Assist lovers in solving their relationship problems.
6. Give people around the globe access to professional support.

Zambiba love community offers certain features such as finding a potential lover without paying any fee, free instant messages, free video and voice calls, share photos and videos, forum for discussions, Blogs for educative materials, Events, online stores (including online sex store), support from professionals such as doctors, and VIP Lounge where members can have extra features such as escorts, adult videos, and support from professionals such as doctors.

At Zambiba, we care so much about each and every member in our community therefore; measures are put in place to protect the interest and privacy of each and every member of the community. Please read our terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, and Safety tips for more information.

We are specially inviting you to be a part of our love community and experience the most important feeling in the world; LOVE.