1. Register with your correct personal details, and not a fake identity.
2. Beware of fake profiles, we’ll do all we can to block such accounts. If the account doesn’t look real, it’s very probably not real.
3. There’s a reason your phone number is not displayed to other members of our love community; do not send your phone number to any other member until you are very certain that member is trust worthy.
4. Do not disclose your location, residential or work address to any member until you are very certain that member is trust worthy.
5. Do not send money or any property to any other member under any circumstance until you have physically met the person.
6. For our VIP members who will use escort services available on this platform, you should pay cash or money transfer for the services provided by an escort only after the required service has been provided. We recommend 50% on arrival and 50% balance payment at the end of the event; or full payment at the end of the event. If an escort or any other member of this love community asks for cash or any form of payment before meeting up or providing a service, please report the person by using the report feature available on the platform or Contact us. You are advised to avoid such a user.
All escorts are required to register with us using an ID card, beyond that, we do not have information on them. Therefore you’re required to be extra careful.
7. If you have to meet another member of this love community, make sure you arrange to meet in a very open and public place such as a restaurant, mall, or at an event where there are many people. If possible, go with a trusted friend.
8. If you do not believe the information provided by another member of this community, please request for more information and proof before continuing with the relationship.
9. If you believe a member is a fraudster or has committed any offense, please report the person to us by using the report feature on our website, or send us a message directly.
10. If you are being harassed by any member, please report the person and block the person as well by using the block feature on our website.
11. If you have reasons to believe another member is using your details, including but not limited to photo for any activity you don’t approve of; please report that immediately.
12. When putting information about another person on our platform, be sure to do that with the person’s consent.
13. The stories being shared in the forum and other sections of the community may not be true, please do not get emotionally attached.
14. Classifieds: only Zambiba Official store within the classifieds belong to us using the drop shipping medium to deliver your purchased items to you. When dealing with other sellers in the Classifieds section, you’re required to exercise all caution.

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